Arts & Crafts

Below are examples of some of the drawings, paintings, sketches, or other craft things that I have created ...

kitchen2.jpg (135017 bytes)
(I won the 'Allison Prize for First in Art' whilst in S4 at school for this pic)
dad.jpg (830519 bytes)
trmpt2.jpg (163571 bytes)
(my trumpet in pastels)
marsalis.jpg (187823 bytes)
(torn paper collage for a school art assignment)
bowl.jpg (160497 bytes)
(don't ask! - this was something I did at school (S1 or S2) to demonstrate how to make a bowl in pottery)
mshipton.jpg (125961 bytes)
(my first attempt with clay when I was 10 - it's meant to be "Mother Shipton" because we visited York for my P7 school visit)

Some examples of glass painting ...
jar.jpg (134873 bytes) jar2.jpg (125619 bytes) jar3.jpg (103987 bytes) jar4.jpg (104051 bytes) jar5.jpg (91105 bytes)
jar10.jpg (55782 bytes) jar6.jpg (102488 bytes) jar7.jpg (106000 bytes) jar8.jpg (105382 bytes) jar9.jpg (100422 bytes) jar11.jpg (55705 bytes)
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