Highland Swing

'June's Concert' in aid of Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Renal Unit (02/09/05)

my poster to advertize 'my' concert

mum & me

mum & me

N.B.  Please note that I asked "Highland Swing" (the band I play in) if they would be willing to help me raise money for the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Renal Unit as that was where my mum and me were going to have my pre-emptive live kidney transplant in October 2005 (mum was mad enough to give me one of her kidneys when she found out I had renal failure and needed a transplant) - fortunately they said yes so we held the concert in Tain Royal Academy (where I work) and we raised over 500.

I'd like to thank everybody who was involved with the organization of my concert as well as my friends in Highland Swing ... Catherine Morgan (TRACC) for the free loan of the school hall;  Willie & the other janitors in TRA for opening late for me;  Peter Whiteley and his 'team' for organizing the lighting & sound systems;  Tommy Agnew & Jimmy Mclean and their 'team' for organizing the staging for me;  Betty Wright and her group of work colleagues and friends who tirelessly sold tickets for me when I was off sick;  all the staff who pitched in to help me set up the stage plus help me sort out all the food, balloons, posters, tables, etc - you're all stars! ;  David & Heather McAllister for taking over and organizing the tickets on the door plus the raffle - you guys are amazing! ;  Campbell for all his help in organizing the media (all the local Highland papers plus Moray Firth Radio) to advertize not only my concert but also the whole issue of organ donation/transplants in general - I owe you a very very large beer!!! ;  John & Neil Sharkey for finishing off our new band stands in time(!) plus all their usual help in the band;  Harold, Iain, Gordon, Bob, Charlie, Duncan and Kenny for their usual support, friendship -'just being there if/when i need them' & excellent playing;  the fab trumpet section of Bob (leader), Gordon and Walter ('my' boys!) plus our excellent Charlie on trombone;  our great sax section of Laura (lead alto), Campbell, Alistair, Duncan, Margo, John (musical director), Alistair, Iain, Walter and Helen; and not least our totally cool & pure dead brilliant rhythm section of Harold, Neil & Kenny plus Liz on vocals;  and not least you the audience who turned up and donated your money to a very good cause.  Plus of course anybody else I've forgotten (sorry) ...

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