I bought a new kayak during the summer of '05 (before my kidney transplant) - it's a Dagger Juice 6.9 and it's so cool!!!  Here's some photos of 'Snorky' ...


I love kayaking, especially white water kayaking!  I'm a SCA level 2 kayak (inland) coach and have been kayaking since I was about 11 years old (but 'seriously' since 1997 as Tain Royal Academy has an excellent kayaking club plus certain teachers who're also SCA coaches).

During the summer of 2000, I was fortunate to go on a woman's kayaking holiday to a little village near Brianšon in the south of France - there we kayaked loads of rivers and had an absolutely brilliant time!  Click here to read my report on my experience.

I'm hoping to start working towards my SCA level 3 kayak (inland) coach award quite soon (once I've passed my SCA 4 star and once I've got more time to do more kayaking!)

Since my kidney transplant, in fact five months after my transplant operation, I have kayaked across the entire length of Loch Cam before climbing all the peaks of Suilven - this is the third time I have done this (two times with renal failure before my transplant and now this time after my operation) and I phoned mum from the top to let her know where her kidney was as she's always wanted to climb Suilven ... so her kidney has beaten her to it!!!!!

(Photos of my Suilven trips will be uploaded as soon as I've got a free sec and can find where they are!)

me kayaking one of the French Rivers, July 2000
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me kayaking the Slalom course in France
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me kayaking one of the rapids on the Upper Carron
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the duo on the Upper Carron


River Carron 'play hole' 26/06/05