About Me ...


I'm not quite sure what I want to write here ...

I'm the School Librarian and one of the ICT Managers for Tain Royal Academy in the Highlands of Scotland ... my job involves a lot of ICT administration (from email and network management to creating and designing websites plus training pupils / staff / librarians / local community / general public anything from basic ICT skills to digital video editing and computer animation) which I fortunately totally love doing - so much so that some people wonder if I know what a book is!

I love kayaking - whether it's white water kayaking, sea surfing, coaching or even taking a lazy canoe across a loch - this is my absolute favourite sport (you're more likely to see me kayaking down some scary waterfall than sitting reading a book!)  I also love skiing - especially in the Italian Alps and the Scottish Cairngorms.

I play the piano and the trumpet and I'm one of the trumpeters in Highland Swing plus the trumpeter in 'Wee Swing' - the 'wee' band within Highland Swing - plus I play in numerous other bands across the Highlands.

I enjoy creating things - whether it's websites, or doing some art or craft things - this is one of the things that I find most relaxing and satisfying, especially after a stressful day at work!

I have two black cats - 

mulder.jpg (51312 bytes)
(born in 1997 and known by the rest of my family & friends as 'the evil one', 'the fiend', etc)
fox1.jpg (93708 bytes)
and Fox
(born in 1998 and is known as the 'cute' one)

- who either keep me sane or drive me up the wall!  Funnily enough, I am a bit of an X Files fan ...

I'm also fortunate to live in Balintore, a wonderful coastal village in the Highlands - there are three Pictish stones within walking distance ... one at Hilton of Cadboll (which is a reconstruction of the original which is held in the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh); another on the hill at Shandwick; and one in the nearby village of Nigg.  For more information on Balintore, check out our Balintore community website by clicking here.

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